Ways to Volunteer

Earn It. Keep It. Save It. provides free income tax returns and connects people to resources to improve their family's financial stability. This wouldn't be possible without the hundreds of volunteers each year who give in service by preparing thousands of free income tax returns and refer hundreds of people to partnering agencies for services.

  • Volunteer opportunities for everyone across the state of Utah
  • Volunteer as little as 3 hours per week during January through April
  • Training is provided
  • Help people keep more of what they earn and bring millions into our local economy
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Ways to Volunteer

There are several ways you can volunteer.

Volunteer Tax Preparer

  • As an IRS certified Volunteer Tax Preparer at a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site here in Utah you will use a professional software to prepare basic tax returns for people who have low- to moderate-incomes in the community. Using an intake and interview process will help you ensure that each tax filer receives all the tax credits they are eligible to receive. During the tax season you will generally volunteer 3 hours per week and will help numerous households. Free training is provided with both classroom and online self-study opportunities.

Greeter and Intake Specialist

  • As a Greeter and Intake Specialist volunteer at a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site here in Utah your role will to help tax filers feel welcome and ensure that they are well prepared for their tax appointment. You will greet clients and assist them with completing a short survey and an in-take form. In this role it is important to have good people and customer service skills. You may also work with the Site Coordinator to ensure the site runs smoothly and the tax filer has a positive experience. During the tax season you will generally volunteer 3 hours per week. Free training is provided and does not require tax law knowledge or software training.

 Become a Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

So you're thinking about volunteering. Great! Here are some answers for questions you may have:

Volunteer Training and Certification


Earn It.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of taxes owed for people who work but do not earn high incomes.

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Keep It.

If you qualify, you can get FREE tax return preparation services either at a VITA site or online.

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